What's a good Christian curriculum other than Abeka?

I want a conservative Christian homeschool curriculum or program (not online based though). We found Abeka to be too scripted and dull. Is there an academically challenging yet more interesting option out there? I don't insist it be a “box” (all from one company) program. It can be from more than one company.

We actually have Apologia biology for later. My kids aren't in high school yet.

Apologia is the best science out there. It's REAL science. It's written by a Christian but it tells you the facts (like that it's a rumor that Darwin refuted his theory before he died, he really didn't.) It teaches evolution… and all of the reasons that it's impossible. I hated science before it, and now I'm taking Advanced Chemistry (combined with 1st Chemistry, it's the equivalent of first year Chem at university.) It has also really strengthened my faith, as I'm.. well I'm a nerd, and I despise blind faith.. but I don't have it anymore. :) The Abeka math is Advanced but also needs to be TAUGHT, it can't just be taken. Their Bible Doctrines course is good too. The history is SO BORING. Literature in high school is readers like in the lower grades plus art appreciation, a novel study, and a shakespeare play. I actually liked it quite a lot. I could just skim the stuff I didn't like, and if there were excerpts that I liked, I could dive deeper. :)

Hope I helped! Inbox me if you need anything else!

xo Rachael