What's the best Homeschool Curriculum for Pre K?

Hey guys, this year I will be homeschooling my 4 year old for the first time. I have been looking online and there are so many homeschool curriculums available. So far I've been looking at Oak Meadow, Calvert,Sonlight,My Father's World and Timberdoodle and many others. It's been overwhelming since I'm completely new to this and want to make the right choice. Can anyone recommend one from the other? Would love to hear your thoughts on these curriculums. Thank you.

At Pre-K level it is best not to use any curriculum! A child is naturally curious about all kinds of things, and will learn best if encouraged to use their own motivation to explore the world, and ask questions, and share books together. You don't actually need a curriculum at all, although many people use them for older children (perhaps 11+). But education should be totally informal until at least age seven or eight, if you want the child to develop full creativity and love of learning.

The most important thing is to read lots of books together, talk about life, nature, and help your child find out answers to all his millions of questions. You can go for walks, bake cookies, plant seeds… there's so much to do with this age that there's no point wasting time on formal work. Most four-year-olds are interested in letters, and numbers, and simple writing and drawing, and if left to their own devices will probably do more than they would if coerced into doing worksheets, but far more effectively since they learn at their own pace, in their own way, according to their own interests.