where can I find a good curriculum for home schooling?

I want to begin a home schooling program for my children, but don't know where to begin drawing up a curriculum. Can anyone help me out?


Thanks to everyone who answered. I am a father of 2 but currently living in South Korea, which does not have such a great educational system. I began teaching the basics to my kids aged 5 and 7 instead of kindergarten, and am looking for some basic guidelines.

Thanks so much to all who answered.

It depends on how they are and you would like to approach homeschooling. Theres different styles of education and there is just no way for anyone to tell you whats right for your family.

I use a mixture of products. When I first started homeschooling I only used Alpha Omega- which is good- because you can get placement tests for them and put them in the exact level they need to be. All your lessons are made up already and you have teachers manuals.

Now we use some of the Alpha Omega, Abeka, workbooks I get at the store, the internet and life experiences as well as old text books that school are tossing out.

A real good resource that is invaluable to my family is abcteach.com. They have tons of worksheets, thematics and printable books, and tests. Its real awesome. I think we pay 25 dollars a year and you can download and print as much as you like. Theres also wowio where you can get free ebooks as well and theres many other sites for free homeschooling tools.

If you would like more suggestions or guidance, email me. I will be more than happy to help you find your teaching/learning style and give you some suggestions.