Where can I sell used home-school books?

Home schooling your children means that you’ll end up buying or borrowing many books–all of which your children will outgrow in time. Instead of letting the books collect dust, try to recoup some of your investment by selling your used books online. Between home schooling websites and popular auction sites, the Internet makes it easier than ever to sell used items.

Selling Used Home-School Books

A few places online are dedicated to buying and selling used home schooling curriculum materials. These sites include the Homeschool Swap and Talk, The Homeschooler’s Curriculum Swap and Homeschool Classifieds.

The Homeschool Swap and Talk is operated by Vegsource.com. In addition to community boards for home schooling parents and students, the website has areas to list “items for sale” and “wanted to buy.” Both are broken down by grade level to make it easier to find items. As of November 2009, both the forums and the swap areas of the website were very active.

The Homeschooler’s Curriculum prides itself on being the oldest used-home-schooling curriculum site on the Web. According to its website, it has been in business since 1996. The website has an active group of members on its community boards, which includes a classified ads section where members can sell used textbooks and other items. Use of the site is not free: You have to pay a fee prior to listing items in the forum.

According to Homeschool Classifieds, it is one of the largest places on the Web for buying and selling used home schooling materials. Buyers can search for materials by subject matter, book publisher or grade level. Upon registering, you’ll be given seven free credits that can be used to list items for sale on the site (one credit per listing). Additional credits are available to purchase.

Although it isn’t always accepting books, Second Harvest Curriculum purchases used home schooling materials from a variety of publishers. According to its website, it prices books according to their condition and pays 40 percent of their retail price.

In addition to home schooling sites, you can list used home schooling books for sale on Amazon.com or eBay.com. It is free to list a basic auction item on eBay, though you will need to pay a commission to the site once the items sell. Premium listings cost more, but will give your listing more visibility to potential buyers.


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