Where to Sell Your Used Homeschool Curriculum

So you have a lot of used homeschool curriculum on your shelves, and you have decided that now is the time to get rid of it but you have no idea where to sell it. There are numerous places both online and offline where you can sell your used homeschool curriculum.

Local Curriculum Fairs and Book Swaps

Most local homeschool support groups and co-ops will hold a yearly curriculum fair and book swap each summer. These are great places to try to sell your used homeschool curriculum for a variety of reasons. First, you do not have to ship books, this means there is no worry over what to charge for shipping, and you do not have to mess with actually shipping the product. Second, the customers can see exactly what they are getting, can ask questions, and are more likely to impulse buy. Also, most homeschool fairs and book swaps charge very little or sometimes nothing to sell at their event.

Homeschool Consignment Stores

Homeschool Consignment Stores are becoming more popular and can be found all over the country. However, if you do not have a homeschool consignment store near you there are several online that will allow you to ship your used homeschool curriculum to them.

There are several benefits to selling your homeschool curriculum through consignment stores. For one, you do not actually have to deal with any part of the selling process. The store does all of the pricing, listing, and advertising for you. You simply drop off your used curriculum, and pick up your money when it sales.

However, since consignment stores keep a portion of what your items sell for, generally forty percent, you will no receive as much money for your used curriculum as you would if you sold it yourself.

Half Price Books

Half Price Books sells both used and new books, and will purchase your old books outright. As with consignment stores you can expect to receive less money by selling to Half Price Books than you would if you sold the curriculum yourself but you also do not have the hassle you would have had if you decide to sell yourself. The benefit of selling your curriculum to Half Price Books is that you get money for your books immediately instead of having to wait until your items sell to get your money.

Sell Online

There are several great ways to sell your homeschool curriculum online. You can sell through sites like Craigslist, Amazon or eBay. You can also sell your items by listing them on homeschool forums, homeschool classified ads, or yahoo groups.