Why Christian Education Is So Necessary In Today

Home Schools moving to Separation of Church and State?

More and more we, at Bridgeway Homeschool Academy are hearing homeschooling parents state that they no longer want Biblical teaching in their curriculum. Citing such reasons as, “They get enough at church,” or “We don’t want them to be turned off by it,” or “It gets in the way of the academics,” homeschooling parents are turning their backs on Christian education.

Why are we concerned?

Although we can now provide non-biblical home school curriculum to all ages, we are very concerned that the choice to take the Bible out of the Christian home school will be a huge mistake!

Your home does not need to be subject to separation of church and state!

Spend some time with your child’s peers—those who are educated in a public school system with a secular curriculum. Ask them some of the basics—when was the earth created? When were the dinosaurs roaming the earth? What were some of the miracles of Jesus? Is the Bible true?

I guarantee you will be very surprised at what you hear!! Recently, I started working with my daughter’s fifth grade Sunday School class—most of whom have been in my church since birth. Through this class, my eyes have been significantly opened to the reality of how little these kids are getting from the church! Despite Sunday School, Wednesday night classes, children’s choir, and a ton of children’s programs, these kids are not nearly as grounded as what I would have expected.

And I attend a very strong evangelical church—one that has a real heart for the children!

Do not let your child be one of these!

If you are one of the parents who are considering taking the Bible out of your homeschooling program, I urge you to reconsider! Do not let your child be one of the many who just don’t know the basics of why we believe what we believe!

Our Bible-based curriculum is not just a presentation of Biblical truths. It is application! How does what you are learning relate to your Christian walk? How does the Law of Thermodynamics support a created universe? Why are honesty, integrity, and kindness so important? How does the digestion process of a sheep tie in with our needs as Christians?

All of these and so much more can be found in our Biblical curriculum. And you are not sacrificing academics!

A recent New York Times article evaluates the fear among evangelicals that we are losing our teenagers. In fact, according to their forecasts, “only 4 percent of teenagers will be ‘Bible-believing Christians’ as adults!” Although there is much debate about the statistics, evangelical leaders agree that there is a huge risk of losing our teenagers.

We are the first generation of parents coming out of the widespread Christian education and homeschooling movements of the 70’s and 80’s. We have been grounded in the word and it did not come strictly from our churches. Our training was built into our education at home and at school. Let’s not be the end of the trend. We need to carry that same Biblical teaching on to our children!

Don’t leave it to the Sunday School and the Youth Group.

We are responsible to train up our child in the way he should go and the promise that follows is that “when he is old, he will not depart from it” (Proverbs 22:6) The Bible does not say to let the church train up a child—it says we are to train up a child. The church supports us and can even lead us in this endeavor, but we cannot ignore our own responsibility!

For those of you who are still a little unsure about whether you want a Christian home school curriculum, let me make another recommendation. Consider providing at least one Bible-based course each year. Using a content course such as Science or Social Studies combines the academic training with Biblical truth and Christian character building.

You will never regret providing a Biblical world and life view to your children. But there are many who do regret failing to do so—please don’t be one of them!

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